Barcelona, Spain (2014)

Talk about being lazy these days. It’s been dull weather and I’m just enjoying my last days of my holidays, it’s back to reality on Monday *sad face* !

I thought that I would write a post about my trip to Barcelona and what I thought of the city etc. I’m aware that it will be a lot to write so I decided to divide the post into different parts, hope it’s ok?

Me and my family arrived to Barcelona on August 6th late in the evening. When we came out of the airport it was so warm outside, almost the same as we left in Sweden but the wind was blowing. The first thing we saw was the palm trees and I thought: Oh yay! Holidays for real haha. We got to the apartment that we rented for the week and grabbed something to eat and went to bed. So this didn’t count as “first” day!


The next morning (7th of August) we went to the metro station which was like 2 minutes from the apartment and we bought 5 days metro/train/bus ticket. I think personally that the metro is the best way to get through the city if you have the opportunity and many days as we had. We did the same when we went to Paris last year. Our station was very central located and their metro system was easy to navigate (Paris was more “complicated”) it took like 15 minutes to get to Sagrada Familia which was our first stop. My first word was: WOW! Talk about beauty and the wonderful details! I was really amazed to see this building! There were so many people there from all over the world taking pictures and admiring the wonders.

wpid-2014-08-15-10.24.55-1.jpg.jpegSagrada Familia

 I had no idea that Sagrada Famila was unfinished building so I was surprised that there were cranes all over the place, it is said that Sagrada Familia will be finished around 2026-28. I also wasn’t familiar with the architect Antoni Gaudí (yeah I know) and I found out that many of the buildings/architects in Barcelona were his work and it was really cool to see everything he achieved and his signature with the mosaic and the roof details.

Afterwards we went to metro station Catalunya which is near La Rambla  but we went the opposite way to see Casa Batlló which was also one of Gaudi’s work and it was a nice building. OMG! It was so hot that the sweat was dripping all over the place and we had to drink water all the time, but the worse was in the metro station underground with no air at all (it felt like that).

wpid-2014-08-15-10.26.09-1.jpg.jpegCasa Batlló

In the evening we went to explore La Barceloneta where there are beaches with amazing view and the weather was so decent and so many people, the city was alive and it’s something that I don’t see here in Sweden and guess what? I loved it! We went to the beach to dip our toes in the water and just enjoy life. They were putting up equipment for movie night at the beach with the view of the W Hotel.


Day 2 in Barcelona, we went shopping at Diagonal Mar, the mall reminded me of an American mall and I got happy (I do like American malls). After shopping we went to the beach and jumped in the water, we were there for some time. The mediterranean water was so amazing and warm but so damn salty especially when the waves hit my face haha, my sister had a really good laugh though.

This is the first part of my trip, stay tuned for more…

… here is part 2 of my trip to Barcelona, enjoy!

Day 3: We started the day by going to Arc de Triomf (which is similar to Arc de Triomphe in Paris) and walked along the wide promenade leading to the Ciutadella Park. There were lots of palm trees and on the way we took some pictures at The Castle of the Three Dragons, I posed in front of the building and yelled: I am Khaleesi haha my sister couldn’t stop laughing at the reference.

wpid-2014-08-16-04.42.56-1.jpg.jpegArc de Triomf

IMG_2370The Castle of the Three Dragons

I must say that Parc de la Ciutadella was one of my favorite places in Barcelona, it was so beautiful especially the fountain. I wanted to stay there all day and just enjoy the architect and the details of the fountain. There was also this cute little lake where people could rent row boats, it looked so cute. You know the scene of the little mermaid where Sebastian the crab tries to make prince Eric kiss Ariel, the lake was almost like that. So you can imagine that there were many couples renting the boats!

IMG_2426Parc de la Ciutadella


Later that day we went to La Rambla, I mean talk about crowded place, there were people everywhere and it’s at La Rambla that pickpocket happens the most (Barcelona is known for pickpocketing), but we were super careful through the whole vacation especially at the metro station. La Rambla was a really nice place and you could feel the spirit of the city, we also checked out Barri Gòtic which is the centre part of Barcelona old town. Another placed that we checked out in area was La Boqueria which is Barcelona’s historic city market where they sell fish, fruits, candy etc.


We passed a stall that had the cutest sweets made of marzipan and I just wanted to buy them and save it for display haha but I’m no fan of just marzipan. There were also many stalls of exotic fruits so yeah it was really cool place!


Later in the evening we decided to see The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, it was so pretty with the fountain light show, we sat by the steps and just enjoyed the show while listening to the music in the background. I think we were there about an hour or something but we were so tired that we decided to back to the apartment!


I think we take a break here, so stay tuned for the next post haha…

Ok let’s continue the post about my trip…

Day 4: If you are a huge FC Barcelona fan, then you probably dream of seeing a match in Camp Nou stadium, well we didn’t see any matches nor am I huge fan but it was cool to see a popular football stadium. We didn’t go inside or take the guided tour as many people did but we went to their official store and it were so MANY people there. It was like a candy land for FC Barcelona fans. Later on we went back to Sagrada Familia to buy some souvenirs. I bought a key ring and coffee cup with a plate with the inspiration of Gaudi’s work with mosaics.

IMG_2678Camp Nou


Afterwards we headed to Tibidabo which is a mountain that have the view over Barcelona, first we took the train to Avenida Tibidabo metro station and then the bus to Plaça del Doctor Andreu. To get up to the mountain we chose to take the funicular railway that costed like 7 Euros or something. It was so freaking hot in the rainway but the view of the city as we were going up was worth it. The first thing you saw was this amusement park that was on the mountain but also the church Sagrat Cor. What stuck the most was the amazing view all over the city and we could point the places we have seen. Was it the best view I seen, honestly no but it comes in my top 5 anyways.


wpid-2014-08-18-10.36.11-1.jpg.jpegSagrat Cor



Later in the afternoon when we came back from Tibidabo there was one place we wanted to see and it was Parc Güell which is another architectural creation of Antoni Gaudí. But I have to say that it was not fun walking to the park, because there were no metro station nearby so we had to walk in the hottest day yet for about 20-30 minutes and walk like a gazillion steps up and up to later find out that you have to pay 8 Euro each to see the architectural area (with the famous salamander), it was not worth it for me! Sure I paid to see the Eiffel Tower but a park, nah! So we walked around the guarded area and saw many palm trees it was much fun haha no but I got the exercise for the day. So yeah that was basically what we did that day!

IMG_2846Park Güell

The last days we were at the beach and just relaxed. Over all I have to say that Barcelona is a beautiful city with a soul and it have something for everyone: Shopping, beach, nightlife, nature, famous landmarks etc. Therefore I think Barcelona is a MUST place to see in life at least on the bucket list on places to visit. I can see myself going back some day but I have to be honest for me I fell in love with city of Paris last year and I don’t know, it felt like I had some connection and I surprisingly knew the streets like I’ve been there before. But Barcelona has a taken a place in my heart too because of the life of the city.

Hope you liked this post and I will put a short list on places to see while your future visit in Barcelona in another post soon!

– Hugs x heart –


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