Eating semlor

Eating semlor

It’s FAT TUESDAY today!

On this very day swedes eat Semlor, which is a bun filled with whipped cream and almond paste. Many people love it, I only manage to eat half because it’s too heavy for me. I gave one to my neighbour and the other for me so I decided to have delicious berries with my semla! I miss blogging and you guys here, unfortunately my thesis takes lots of my time when it comes to writing so in the evenings I just want to chill and do something else.


But I’m doing well! Being positive and happy with my life ūüôā Hope you all are doing well too? ‚̧

‚Äď Hugs x heart ‚Äď

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The city of the tailless cat

The city of the tailless cat

I can’t believe that I have only one week left of holidays before my exciting internship will start! Few days ago I went back to Uppsala to check my place and my siblings decided to tag along since they haven’t seen the city and wanted to stay the night there. The funny thing was that we were hearing loud music so we followed it and it turned out to be Tom Jones playing live. We didn’t have tickets but so many people were sitting on the grass and listening outside the “park” (us included) haha.It was really nice to be back to the cosy town which is nicer in summer. Here are some pictures, enjoy!


Uppsala slott (castle)


Functional bell


Beautiful sunset


Gotta catch’em all


The famous cat from Uppsala: Pelle Svanslös



‚Äď Hugs x heart ‚Äď

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Babysitting by the mountains

Babysitting by the mountains

I’m back… again !

Goodness, where have you been? It’s been a while since you wrote a post!

Yes, I know but these past weeks have been crazy and unexpectedly. As you saw in my previous post, I was in Switzerland to visit my uncle for two weeks, well there was a family emergency thing so I was babysitting for my three-year old cousin most of the time. The first days went well and the kid was not that bad, except when it came to food (gah) but as the days went on… my goodness, he became a handful and running everywhere and being just plain annoying. Few days after my other two cousins came and I was happy to spend time with them and I managed to see some cities while being there. I came home almost a week ago but I was mentally exhausted because I’m not used to taking care of kids (thankfully the other two where older) but man, I put them before my own needs.¬†I got an idea on what type of mother I’m gonna be when it’s time haha. I have been going out to meet friends, my family and just taking it easy and you know what ? It’s all good! I don’t take my life for granted and I’m thankful for everything that I have! Yes, it feels good to be home even though I miss the mountains and my cousins.

Here are some pictures from the trip, enjoy! (Also check out Instagram @hugsxhearts)


Roche, Switzerland



Swiss vineyard


Montreux, Switzerland



Freddie Mercury



Lausanne, Switzerland



Ouchy, Lausanne


Did you know that Lausanne is the capital of Olympics? It’s here they decide where to host!



Martigny, Switzerland

‚Äď Hugs x heart ‚Äď

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3 cities 1 week

3 cities 1 week

Hey you guys!

I know, it’s been like forever since I wrote and truth be told I have binge watching Orange is the new black since I came back from my vacation (oh life priorities). ¬†Just finished season 4 yesterday and it’s just sad what happened (please no spoilers for others) but it’s just a show right?

First of all, I PASSED ALL MY COURSES for this semester! I feel like my mind checked in on another planet ever since we got summer break and I don’t want to be social with people and be for myself. Sure I have met few friends but I guess we all have those periods that we just want to be alone and truth be told I’m so sick of people who one day want to be with you and next goes M.I.A and flakes on you. Screw them right now! Yes, I’m little annoyed at them but I’ll get over it. Start meditating again and step into my positivity bubble and just breathe, things will be alright!

In my last post, I mentioned that I was on holidays. We visited 3 cities during one week time, yes it was kind of hectic but I loved each and every city in their own way. The first stop of the trip was Vienna, Austria! I just have to say that it is a lovely city of culture, nice people and atmosphere (FYI there were many hot guys there haha). It was cool to see where Mozart lived and see all the wonderful buildings (especially their parliament house)


The second city that we visited from Vienna by train was Prague, Czech Republic, which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe but also very touristy. We walked so much and I think we covered almost everything like the famous clock, Charles bridge, Old town square since it’s not the biggest town and I just loved the view of the city.


The last city that was on the map was Berlin, Germany and I just have to say that it is also one of my favorite cities in Europe now. It was a mixture of historical landmarks yet very up to dated and modern. I don’t know it felt very “powerful/emotional” that so much happened there (sad things) and it’s what you read in books, to see where the Berlin wall used to divide the city and visit Checkpoint Charlie and the memorial place for the jews. We also saw places like the Olympic Stadium and Brandenburger Tor where people were watching Euro Cup because Germans take football really seriously and it was really fun to see that because in Sweden we don’t have things like that (outdoors “events”). Overall the trip was really nice even though I was walking around with a map of the city concentrating to not get lost haha. I would totally recommend these cities! I posted more pictures on my Instagram for those who want to check them out!


I just wanted to give you a quick update of the trip and just write something! I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the summer. Gotta sleep now ‚̧

‚Äď Hugs x heart ‚Äď

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