Flowers in the air

Flowers in the air


Cherry blossom love at Kungsträdgården (Stockholm)

Destination A

Destination A

Hope you all have been having a great weekend/Easter. I thought that it was finally time to reveal an upcoming trip/event. Some of you might already guessed if you follow me on Instagram where I hinted where I was going. Ok, what country do you think about when I say: Windmills, tulips, wooden shoes?

Any guesses? (source)

I’m really excited to visit this place since it was one of the countries/cities on my travel bucket list. But it’s only for 3 days and I’m going there for a reason, no I’m not visiting my ex who is from there haha. My friend is getting married and she invited me to attend her Turkish wedding, which I have never attended before so it will be fun. I have not seen her in 6 years and our story is really funny and it was made in heaven.

December 2008: I just landed [city I’m going to] and was waiting for my first flight to the States. I was really nervous but excited but after one hour they announced that there were some engine problem that they had to fix *what?!* Stuck in the closed gate one hour, two hours… five hours: Time for boarding! Several hours later, we landed Chicago but missed ALL our connecting flights so they fixed hotels. I was staying with many young student from that country but didn’t think so much of. Long story short, I landed Oklahoma the next day where I spent three weeks.

On my way home I sat next to a young girl and some old lady, but after a while me and this girl started to talk about our trips. She was in Canada with some students and she started to talk about her missing her flight on the way to Canada because some engine problem in her home country. Wait what?! That happened to me aswell I said. It turned out that we were at the same hotel and recognized each other in Chicago while waiting on our bus to the hotel. After that we became friends and kept in touch.


So yeah! Now I have a reason to visit this country even though I had plans going there already in year 2011 but that’s another story. Weddings are so much and I like experiencing new cultures and see how they celebrate this wonderful ceremony. I will take pictures and write about my trip, stay tuned!

10 days left!

– Hugs x heart –

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