Pepsi Max Thief

Pepsi Max Thief

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snoooooow!


Winter is officially here in Stockholm. The morning was covered with fluffy white snow and the winter smiled at one with a purple skies, it was awesome. Haha now I’ll stop being so-called poetic but a little positivity doesn’t hurt on a Monday right? Especially when you have to endure five days before you can take some winter break, can’t wait!


It was pretty quiet at work because the mood is low and I think many have already started checking out mentally but trying to squeeze out the last drops of energy. During lunch, we sat and talked about the Christmas riddles from Stromberg’s advent calendar and Andreas was annoyed and pinches out: Someone have finished my Pepsi MAX again !!!


Before we go on with the story, so usually Andreas always buy Pepsi MAX lime large bottles that he puts in the fridge over the week. But just over a month ago, someone drank up his bottle but we thought it was someone who had been drinking it by mistake. So this had happened once before (that I know of anyway) but yes, he was not so happy but still had humor about the situation, while others thought it was rude of the “unknown” person. But he continued: You know what the worst part is? I found the bottle in the recycle corner while the whole fridge is full of root beer but this someone took MY Pepsi MAX! One may well ask anyway if they want to have some!


I was probably the only one who was laughing hard, not because someone took his Pepsi but more his comments that came out of his mouth. The other said he should mark the bottles better and there was no more about it, but he continued to talk to others of the situation.


In the afternoon it was time for the last monthly meeting where they went through various processes, projects, budgets, etc. We also got our Christmas present which was a thermos cup and thermos bottle from Sagaform , they were super fancy and practical. Later in the day you see Andreas go to the kitchen with a note and followed him to see what he could find and my goodness I laughed till I cried.



Hope you enjoyed this post! Please make sure to follow me on Instagram and I will try blogging as often as I can!


Nighty night!




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