L’Oréal XMAS boat party

L’Oréal XMAS boat party

It’s been a week since I was at the L’Oréal annual XMAS party so let’s go with a recap of the event 😉

The day started out with breakfast with the whole Luxe Division, where I also got to meet our staff from other parts of the country. They were really friendly and some girls from the YSL-team came up to me and thanked me for doing a good job and helping them out through the semester which made me very happy.


Afterwards it was conference all day where our general manager went through the Luxe numbers/statistics during the whole year. I mean it was very interesting to see what sectors were doing well and what brands were strong (YSL were among the stronger ones but Urban Decay rocked the numbers). This went on till 3 PM maybe and after the conference, there were some farewell speeches for two people who were quitting for other opportunities. We had 3 hours to get ready for the XMAS party so I stayed at the office and changed my outfit to a white dress, the theme of the party was: XMAS. I decided to become a snowflake haha with the help of my friend at Urban Decay she put some extra touch with some sparkles!

The party was on a boat in the city and as we entered the place we all were surprised when we met the higher bosses in silly outfits haha man that was something you wouldn’t expect from them; some were xmas trees, frosty the snowman, while the majority of people were reindeer haha. The party started out with a presentation of all L’Oréal divisions with more numbers and short movies that each division had made. After we were seated at our tables, I got the honor to sit with the Urban Decay team and they were the coolest people on the boat and of course some of my favorites from other brands. The food was not the best to be honest, it was so-called “traditional Swedish xmas dinner” and my fellow interns were heavy with the drinks haha

img_5131The party boat




When the DJ started to play the song, I was on the dance floor and shaking my ass off with my friends and we so much fun. I was laughing and it felt good to think about other stuff and just enjoy life. I have been down lately but mostly because of Daniel but I can’t do anything about it! The party was successful and some were more crazy than others haha. I needed this evening! Now I have only one week left and then back to school again for my Master’s thesis!


– Hugs x heart –

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