Fashionista life

Fashionista life

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re all doing well! Long time no see right?

I have been wanted to blog for the longest time ever but I have been so tired after a long day at my internship and the weekends just flies away. It’s crazy how fast time passes. I know many of you might wonder what I have been up to lately, since I have no classes this semester I’m spending my days at L’Oréal office in Stockholm where I have my internship and working with the brand Yves Saint-Laurent Beauté (YSL). It is the most crazy yet amazing opportunity I’ve gotten in a long time and I’m doing stuff I really love, which is marketing. I will try to make a post about my experience very soon. I just wanted to update and let you that I miss you guys a lot!


Talk very very soon! Have a fantastic day ❤

Lots of hugs