Rêver de Paris

Rêver de Paris

Don’t you just love imagine that you’re Paris while sitting in a cosy café outside and it’s pleasant weather ? Haha is it just me?

I met my best friend at Stockholm city and we decided to go to this cute café called Wiener Cafeet at the posh area of Stockholm called Stureplan to grab some fika. We heard that they had some good pastries there but of course it was more expensive than a regular café in Stockholm, but hey, sometimes you have to treat yourself right?

I got the pear macaron pastry with strawberries and chocolate mousse inside and some berry flavored tea while my friend got this chocolate cake and some cappuccino. I have to be honest, even though it was pricey but my goodness it was really good and I totally got the feels that I was back in Paris. C’est la vie!






– Hugs x heart –

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6 thoughts on “Rêver de Paris

    1. I bet you have especially if you walk towards Östermalm/Stureplan! Haha I have been living here all my life, I still have the worst sence of direction :p Hope you are doing well 😀


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