Faith or coincidence?

Faith or coincidence?

One assignment done… one last to go before this semester officially ends!

I have been feeling so lazy these weeks and I have no motivation, I had to force myself to write the assignment about qualitative and quantitative methods. Anywho, I don’t want to bore you guys with school stuff! I wanted to tell you a kind “scary” yet funny thing that happened the other day. As some of you already know, I met a guy named Daniel and we have been on two dates, it’s just casual and he is the worst in contacting but in real life he is super sweet and really caring. We had our last date 3 weeks ago and it was wonderful, he treated me dinner and we talked for hours, yeah it was close to perfect. Now, we have not been talking since, even though he was like yeah we gonna meet again (I said that I wanted to treat him for dinner next time) during the date but he is the worst communicator, it’s just the way he is. I really like this guy and care for him which is why I can get annoyed why he doesn’t care about me but yet again we are just casual so I have no right to say anything since we are both still single.


I have feeling kind of sad these past days because when I like someone I want to talk to them often (ok not ALL the time but you get my point) and I will admit that I miss him because I feel there is something I can’t put my finger on (FYI: I’m not in love with him… yet!). As you know from the previous post that I have been sad that some of my classmates are leaving and missing Daniel was a part of the my emotional party. I went to visit my parents in Stockholm during the weekend and tried not to think about stuff. On Monday when I went back to Uppsala, I wanted to check out some food for the BBQ that some of us were gonna have in the evening. I was walking in town and I can sometimes out of the blue think: What if I meet this and that person, wouldn’t it be funny? So I went to a shopping center and thought for myself: What if I met Daniel…

I’m not kidding you guys but few split seconds later I look up and sees Daniel with his best friend, I got shocked and there was no turning back, they were walking towards me and suddenly he saw me too, so I waved at him. The funny part was that he was eating a banana and shoved it in his mouth and then greeted me with a hug. I have never had an awkward moment with him but that was first time we both were like: WTF in our heads and I didn’t know what to say since his friend was there so it’s not like I could kiss him or anything. He explained that he was getting a haircut and introduced to his friend and then asked how things were, you know small talk. I still didn’t know what to say so I was like: I had a really good time with you. He smirked at me and replied: I always have a great time with you. So he said that we would keep in touch and he hugged me goodbye.

OMG! What just happened? I was still in shock because that was so freaky !  I don’t think that I have ever told you the story of how we actually met.


It all started February this year, it was 6 months after my ex broke up and I was focusing on myself and my happiness. I was home over the weekend and my sister told that her BFF met her boyfriend through a dating app (Note: I have always been against online dating/apps since it’s uncomfortable for me). I was super bored yet curious on what kind of guys were out there, not that I was going to meet them, only to see how it works. I downloaded an app and added a picture of myself. Suddenly these random guys starts to “like” my profile but I rejected them all. Yes, I’m really picky but it’s not like I didn’t find some of them attractive (there were some really hot guys) but I wasn’t feeling it because I base more on people’s personality and chemistry than looks (yes, it matters too). There were guys writing: Hey how are you? You are pretty ! I mean I’m not gonna lie, but it felt nice to get the attention even though I wasn’t interested in them. I think I liked 2-3 guys profiles and talked to 2 guys, one was nice but not really talkative and the other one turned out to be just a strange guy. I had put Uppsala as my home town since I didn’t know anyone here. Out of the blue this guy writes to me and I checked his profile like I did with the others and he was really good-looking guy with brown hair and blue eyes, tattoos, well-dressed. I remember thinking: He is really hot but I bet he is really superficial who “likes” all the girls’ profiles but only dates “models” with big boobs. Just leave it, he is just a pretty boy and no good! Yes, that was my first impression of him, so I ignored his message too.

Don’t ask me why but something inside me said: It doesn’t hurt to just write to him, it’s harmless and I will delete the app anyways. So I replied his message and we started to talk, he was super nice and seemed interested but I was so sceptic though everything, it was too good to be true. He was like: Wanna meet up for coffee but I tried to avoid the question and ended the conversation by saying that I had to logout. I was not on the app for 1-2 days and in my inbox he had sent a kiss emoji to me, I was like: Is he serious? Haven’t he moved on to girl #567? Why he still writes to me and visit my profile. I wrote to him saying: Hey, I barely use this app so that’s why I’m not replying! He quickly answered (yes back then he was good in replying): Oh that’s fine, what’s your Facebook. I’m not joking but I thought I was being catfished by some bored guy who had nothing better to do. Now I hate adding people who I have never met so I said to him that I didn’t know him to give him my Facebook and that we should talk on the app. He started to tell about himself and gave me his Facebook, I looked and it seemed to fit things he said with the profile so I added yet was careful.

He accepted my request and wrote there, I had to ask why he wrote to me and he was like: I found you really hot and interesting girl. Back of my head I was like: Is he playing me? I mean there is nothing wrong with me and I know that I’m a nice person but guys like him don’t go for average girls like me (yes I was generalizing) and I saw some of his old pictures and yes one of exes were the kind of girl I mentioned earlier (big boobs and duck lips). He kept on saying that we should grab a coffee and gave his number, after some days of thinking, I agreed to a coffee date. How our first date went, check this post. FYI, I deleted the app!

That’s why I feel that we are meant for each other in a strange way because we are drawn to each other even if I try to forget him, like it’s faith or something, but I can be wrong and I really don’t know if we are going to meet each other or not. He will always be special to me no matter what happens and he is seriously the nicest guy that I have ever dated and he is what I needed in order to move on from my ex. I truly believe that Daniel cares about me in some sence but he is living the single life with the bros and other friends so I’m not a priority. Sure, it’s sad if it ends here but I can’t do anything about it! I don’t know. I will just continue living my life and be thankful for everything and be happy!

What do you guys say?

– Hugs x heart –

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6 thoughts on “Faith or coincidence?

  1. Yay!!!!!! I’m glad you’ve put yourself back out there and let yourself have the chance to be appreciated by other guys! Even if it doesn’t work out with Daniel at least you’re “back in the game” and are putting yourself out there. I’m happy for you!


    1. Aaw thanks sweety! I have been feeling a bit low since I REALLY care for him and I don’t understand why he acts like that. I mean HE was the one who started everything and I get mixed signals. One minute he acts like he really likes me and treats me well by being sweet and next minute he goes M.I.A and posts lots of pictures of himself on FB to get attention from others. He clearly doesn’t care enough to make an effort yet he says: Lets take things slow as he kisses me goodbye 😦 I should just give up on him even if I care! Stupid guys!

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      1. Yeah it sounds like he’s not ready for anything serious. You can do better than that, so just look at it with the thought that he helped you move on from the last guy but is preparing you for the next one! 🙂 This way you know exactly what you do/do not want from a serious relationship. 😉

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      2. So I should forget him ? If he wants to see me, he needs to put effort and yes he is not serious with anyone since he also broke up with his ex in the beginning of the year so that’s why we both are causal since I didn’t want anything serious either until recently. I don’t know, he is stuck in my head and I need to remove him right now. Who knows what happens in the future! Thanks for the comment ❤

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      3. I think you should forget him. If he’s worth it, he will come searching for you! Don’t waste your time trying to get someone else to be serious. If he wanted to, he would. On to bigger, better things for you!

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