The art to say goodbye

The art to say goodbye

I never thought that I would cry over people who I met at University.

The thing is, I have been really emotional these days because the semester is leaning toward its end and most of the people in my class are leaving to their home countries. I never get too attached to people in any of my classes since you always have to say goodbye at the end and if I invest too much in people I actually get sad. Ever since my Bachelors I have never cried or gotten sentimental over classmates, even last year when I had the most fun class ever.

This semester was the International Business-track semester and the whole Master’s group had already split into five tracks (fyi most of my friends were in the Marketing-track). Already there were changes at the beginning of the semester and I only knew one guy but we got lots of new people from all over the world: America, Australia, Italy, France, Canada, Norway etc. In the beginning I hung out with few but the more time when the class dynamics grew and now everyone were getting along and feeling comfortable with each other, laughing and working hard. Sure we all were different and thought differently but no one ever disrespected anyone. I had my feud with the American guy, we had a love/hate relationship but we were cool and I had my own little international crew that I absolutely adored. Even the teachers this semester were cool and we had interesting discussions. Long story short, today was the last class we had together since we only have individual assignments left, so the day started with seminars and afterwards the teachers had arranged a Pizza Party for us where the class were hanging out and having fun. When it was time to go home, the American guy looked at me and was like: Goodbye Nad! and gave me a big hug. It was at that moment I realized that I will never see these people again (well most of them) and the American guy was first one go home tomorrow.


I was fine no tears nothing! In the evening a guy in my class wrote a really sweet post on Facebook saying that he had a great semester with everyone and we created good memories. I don’t know why but I started to ball my eyes out and was genuinely sad that it was over. I didn’t even cry at my high school graduation! How can people touch my heart that much this semester? I have just known them since January and they changed my world and made my to a happier and positive person. I was so sad last semester after the breakup but this term I was always smiling and having a great time. This time I hate saying goodbye and it actually hurts this time but that’s life and of course I will move on and so will everyone else. But it’s a beautiful feeling because it means that I actually care for them deeply and that they have touched my heart in a BIG way. I want them to be happy and may life give them all the happiness, success and love in the world. Sure they are not perfect and I’m not perfect but they are good people and I have huge respect for them! #MIBcrewforever

Haha I’m still sentimental while writing this post and I need to sleep now!

– Hugs x heart –

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