Support a fellow blogger

Support a fellow blogger

What’s wrong with some people?

I was going to check out my friend Shauna’s blog (aka. Raeofsparkles) but it was gone so I asked her what happened. She told me that someone had hacked into her blog few days ago and installed some virus program and there is a chance of some sad news that the blog might be permanently gone. I felt really bad for her because those who follows her knows how much love and time she puts in her posts. She is one of the creative and best blogs out there, no one deserves to get their content taken away! I really hope that this doesn’t mean that she will stop blogging or anything. We as a community need to stay strong together and don’t let idiots ruin our outlet of speech and creativity. We are creators who put a lot of time, emotions, effort and passion behind each post! 

Go to Shauna’s blog instagram and send her some love ❤ I think she will be happy to get the support from her blog family!


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