Breathe in…

Breathe in…

… breathe out!

Don’t you just have those days when you just want to cry your eyes out?

Well I’m having one of those right now. I was fine at school and had good time with my classmates but when I got back to my room, I had this strange feeling inside. I made some dinner and my best friend called me and burst into tears. I’m so sick of people disappointing me and using my kind nature for their own benefits and leave you like a lost dog when you are not to any use anymore; friends, guys, you name it. My heart can’t take it because it’s not fair (yes I know life is not fair).

My emotions took over and no I feel numb even though my friend calmed me down and encouraged me to stay strong and keep on working hard and not let it affect my studies, that it’s ok to feel that way. I don’t know what I would have done without her, she has been a true friend ever since my ex broke up with me. She called/texted me almost everyday to see if I was ok, our friendship grew stronger by every month that passed by.

Thank you so much for the sweet comments in the previous post! I’m happy that you guys are still here and listen to my “sad” moments. I’m really trying to stay brave and strong but sometimes it can take the best out of me. I do agree that blogging is a good therapy. Another thing that keeps me calm is listening to meditation music and relax as the music streams through my body and removes all toxic energy. I really need to take it easy for few days !

– Hugs x heart –

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9 thoughts on “Breathe in…

  1. I can understand the world feeling overwhelming, and also trying to stay positive in wake of life’s disappointments from time to time, however, stay strong. Speak the positivity into existence. It’s hard some days, but the more you profess it, the more true it will become. 🙂

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  2. Oh dear, sometimes life just kicks you in the arse and you gotta cry it out and then try to move on! It’s good you’ve got your friend though for you, she sounds like a great friend 🙂 next time you’re feeling down maybe try and turn it around and do something for yourself .. I guess depends on what you like to do but instead of being all down treat yourself or do somethin you love to do & I bet you’ll feel so much better ! Xo


    1. I totally agree that life has a way to make things challenging and cloudy, but we all those days right? Yes, I’m really lucky to have her and she has been supporting me since forever. That’s a great idea, thanks for the advice ❤ Lots of hugs to you!!!

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