Thinking about it

Thinking about it

Is it just me, or does time just go faster and faster for each month that passes? It’s just crazy! The new courses started this week and already we have tons to do yet it feels like summer is around the corner.

Today I went to Stockholm city because I had two interviews for internships next semester, so I had to wake up really early but thank goodness it was not far off in city centre. After the interview I was heading back to my parents place so while I was waiting for the subway I saw this girl waving at me and I thought she was saying hi to someone else but then I looked again and it was a girl from my English class I took before my Master’s. We greeted each other and she was still the sweetest girl as I remembered but there is a “funny” story.

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The thing is that this girl went to the same class with me and my ex. Actually my ex was friends with her and hanging out with her in class from day 1, and I thought that they had a thing in the beginning but she has a boyfriend and there was never anything romantic with them, just good friends. As time went we all started to hang with each other and this girl got ill and left our class, but I always asked my ex how she was doing but because he was a guy, he never knew and I asked him to check up on her. So yeah, that is something me and this girl had in common that my ex liked two people in the class who he showed his softer and kinder to but with me it was more intense and personal. I told her briefly that him and I had a thing and she was surprised because she had no clue but I explained that no one knew and I just said: Well, you know how he is! She nodded and said that he is a kind guy which I agreed with her.

Anyways so we talked about life and other stuff before she hopped off her station, it’s funny how small the world is and you can meet same people after a year in the most random spots ever. I know what some of you guys are thinking, yes I do miss my ex a lot and think about him often because I loved him with all my heart and I still do, but it was for the best. I can never forget how much he has done for me. He believed in me, understood me, supported me but most importantly he changed me … for the better. I can never repay him for that and it’s thanks to him that I’m working hard with my studies because I know deep down inside that he did everything to give me my best chance. I don’t know! Sure there are plenty of wonderful guys out there and like I mentioned before I did like Daniel and it’s sad that he still hasn’t contacted, but you can’t force people. I can’t help to miss my ex before we used to talk non-stop for HOURS about everything, if I didn’t talk to him one day it felt so empty and I missed him so much. Imagine 7 months apart, ok before I cried every night the first 4 months but now I’m doing much better and living my life as single which is what I need right now!

Oh well…

I wish you all a great weekend and I’ll write soon ❤

– Hugs x heart –

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