There’s no turning back

There’s no turning back

I’m back in Uppsala and finally I have Internet haha !

We had some problem with Internet the past few day, so I spent all time reading the book (Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson) my ex recommended to me before we broke but I never continued reading it until recently and I never got the time to finish it until today!

OMG that book is AMAZING and I LOVE it so much, I even cried like a baby at one chapter because the lines got too real for me and so many emotions just poured out of my system. I mean this book is the last connecting I have of my ex and now even that is gone when I read the last page. There is no turning back no… keep on walking like a soldier with a brave face and forget the past and now allow to be me!

Phase 2Activate –> Have more ME time and focus on my happiness and continue on being positive -> LETTING GO!


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