Manboy, manboy!

Manboy, manboy!


Now I have freedom for 10 days… Can I get a woop woop?

OMG you guys! I have been living under a rock the past 4 days and isolating from the world and I had two home exams this week, where we had 10 hours/exams to answer “essay” questions. Yesterday I had only 3 hours of sleep and was so lost afterwards. Some people in the class were like: Lets go out and celebrate (Here in Sweden they want to celebrate for every moment = reason to get drunk). Like I mentioned, I’m no party girl but I was in need to be social with people after being in my room and not doing anything.

So we went to one of the nations where they had crap music that you couldn’t dance to yet people “trying” to dance, I danced maybe one hour until I was feeling dizzy (lack of sleep) so I sat down while my classmates where dancing. Suddenly a guy sits next to me and smiles, ehm hi?! We talked a bit but he didn’t say that much and just looked at me and just smiled, it… was… kind… of… awkward! He was like yeah you looked like a nice girl but I was so lost in my world and we had NO connection whatsoever and I guess that he was around 22-23 something (like a shy boy). Ok he will get credit that he had the courage to come up to me and talk. After a while, he was yeah I’m gonna go to my friends haha… I mean it didn’t click, what should a girl do?

Afterward this other comes up to me and my friend and says: I know you guys from somewhere. I like looked like a confused penguin and so did my friend, but I remembered after that I saw him another evening when we had night out with the class and he knows one of the girls. So he started to talk to me and it was nothing special, just talked about school. He was an easygoing guy who liked to talk, yet again no one I like in a certain way (no click) and he was like a little brother (he is 21 haha), anyways he kept me company home since he lived in the same area and it was quite late. So we said goodbye and now I’m home feeling so tired but I wanted to write a post before I go to bed! The evening was ok, it was also awkward seeing this girl in my Master’s class who has a boyfriend being clingy on a guy in my IB class (kind of douchy guy) who was holding her waist and stuff, oh goodness.

Alright! Good night ❤

– Hugs x heart –

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