I know what you are…

I know what you are…

Gosh, when will I ever learn?

I can’t believe that after the last breakup I’m still a naive and stupid girl who sees the good in guys that I like and gives them the benefit of doubts! What do they say? Oh yeah! Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me! Fool me every time, girl, just stay single! haha

Why on earth would he care for me and want to get to know me? I mean in the previous post about this topic I mentioned that the guy (ehm… Daniel) didn’t reply on the message I wrote saying that I had a great time! On Friday, I get a reply, days later: Hehe, I had a great time too :* kisses!

Alright! At least he answered I thought and wanted to wait with the reply since he was “playing” the I’m-really-busy-even-though-I’m-constantly-online-game”. I waited till Sunday to write something to him and suggested that it would be nice to meet again soon. Wednesday has just started and AGAIN no answer and not opened the fucking message!

I GIVE UP! I seriously don’t want to talk, write or see Daniel again! He is not worth my time or attention! Stupid guy! I mean, yes I’m disappointed because he seemed like a genuine sweet guy or maybe he is just a really good actor and really fooled me into thinking that he actually wanted to see me again but deep down inside I knew that he might see other girls (c’mon look at the guy, he was gorgeous) and I was just the “girl-of-the-day” in his calendar!

This guy seems to be A) Player/womanizer B) Not into me C) Really “busy” D) Just an idiot  E) All of the options

Which option is more likely according to you?

– Hugs x heart –

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8 thoughts on “I know what you are…

  1. I’m sorry you had to make this experience. Just forget about this guy, we have to go through this together girl, I am finally realising that I better let go myself. Let’s stay single together 😉


    1. Thank you sweety! I really don’t understand how people can behave like that and yet people ask me why I have trust issues when it comes to guys, ehm because they behave like this no matter how charming they are, how great of a kisser they are or if they hold you tight. I got played and sadly it happens to people everyday :/ Yes that sounds like a great idea, we deserve the best in life! Sometimes we need to be alone and free (but of course it feels good to get male attention though!). 🙂 ❤

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      1. Love is not to be understood, even less mankind. That’s what age brings with you, the more bad experiences you get, the more issues or the longer it takes you to build up trust. I have huge trust issues and do tell new guys from the beginning that I have real problems with it because of my ex. But as you say, sometimes it’s better to just focus on yourself and be happy that way 🙂


      2. You are so right! Maybe we are supposed to be free and single right now with no drama and idiot people in our lives. We need to heal ourselves and be happy no matter what ❤ I'll support you!

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