Music in the heart of Stockholm

Music in the heart of Stockholm

I think it’s really cool when you get the opportunity to visit a multinational corporation. Yesterday I got invited to a Business Summer Internship event at Spotify through the university. They handpicked 30 people from the top two business universities to attend the event and I was one of those who got the chance to check out the headquarters in Stockholm (for those who didn’t know, Spotify is a Swedish company).

From the Master’s program it was just me and another girl in my program who was there. The office was really cool especially their auditorium with the cool LED roof that switched themes but we were not allowed to take pictures (sorry guys!) but they talked about the different internships and what they required and ended the presentation with Q&A’s. Afterwards it was this mingle event where you could talk to the representatives but the one I was interested in was the most popular and of course everybody was standing around that girl. I would have liked if everyone could have got a short one-on-one sessions instead of group meeting where people are kissing up and acting a bit shady towards others since you all are “competing” for the same spot. I didn’t put an effort in being fake because I’m confident with who I am and that is what I can offer. I mean look, I was good enough to even be there among “top school students”, so I feel good about myself but of course I will strive and do my best in order to get a good internship at some company. So wish me luck guys!

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Spotify HQ in Stockholm

– Hugs x heart –

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4 thoughts on “Music in the heart of Stockholm

  1. Ahhh you know how I feel already! You don’t have to put on a front, because you’re right, you are amazing as you are. Out of all those people you were chosen to even attend!?!?! AMAZING! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

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