I know a sad song

I know a sad song

I have been feeling kind of down(ish) the past weeks and for those who don’t know I currently live in Uppsala and it’s a really cosy town with a top university! BUT, it’s been really lonely for me, even though I have been fine on my own lately (well, most of the time). This semester wasn’t as good as the last one since I have a new class with people I have zero in common with and I have tried to make plans with them but it just doesn’t click. All the people I liked are in another track, have different timings and most of them live back home in Stockholm (where basically my life is too).

I’m not going to lie, the only reason I don’t click with people in my is because 80% are around ages 21-24 and they just want to party every other day and get wasted but that’s not me and we are in different stages in life, so it gets lonesome. If you don’t attend the parties automatically you are an “outsider” even though they pretend to be nice to you and always say hi, how are you? I’m so sick of all the fake-ness but it’s something this place is known for, to fit in you need to play the rules in order to get the golden star and status that you are someone! I KNOW WHO I AM! I don’t need their validation to prove that I’m good enough (I’m their equal) but it would have been nice to have someone who understood you and was on the same page. Sure, there are few people who I really like who makes me laugh and I can have fun occasionally, try to fit in but it’s only because I want to… for myself!

The saddest part is that I have to deal with the “fake” people daily. It breaks my heart everyday to know that in order to survive this place, I only needed one important person in my life who meant the world to me. Even today, the only thing that keeps me motivated is him, I can still hear his voice in my head saying: I believe in you Nad, you will do great! Just be yourself and don’t care about others but yourself! He changed my world and one day I will explain why. Anyways I didn’t want to write a dull post like this! It’s just one of those days! I will be alright!

Other than that I had a good Saturday, first I want to the movies with my brother to see Deadpool which was quite good movie with some funny lines and later in the evening we celebrated mom’s birthday with dinner and cake while watching Melodifestivalen (Swedish song competition before Eurovision Song Contest).  Hope you all are doing well! Miss you guys a lot! I always feel better to write to you guys… I’m just a human being and it feels good to know that you guys don’t judge me and that’s the reason why I share these things! Love you all ❤

– Hugs x heart –

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6 thoughts on “I know a sad song

  1. I totally get where you’re coming from. There is a lot of fake-ness in Sweden, but there are some good people too 🙂 Sometimes it’s just hard to find them, haha! Hopefully you’ll feel better soon. Love that song by the way!


    1. Thank for understanding, you know how it can be sometimes but there are good days too of course when people show some interest, like you said there are good people too! Hope everything is great with you! Have a great weekend! Kram

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  2. Ohhhhhh Nad!!!!!!! I wish you wouldn’t feel so down! I know how you feel, I pretty much feel the same way where I live, only at least I have my husband. But to be honest I feel like life is a whole bunch of “fake-ness” that never ends. Like at work, you’re always going to dislike people you work with, but you have to put a smile on your face and pretend. And then there’s always people that are in your life (like your bf or husband’s friends wives) that you might not like, and you have to be fake with them too. It’s really disappointing sometimes, and I know it can be overwhelming when you don’t have at least one person to talk to. Just remember that you have us, and we all love you. Also, you have a super cool family that seems to really support you, so try to lean on them! 🙂 ❤


    1. You’re so sweet! Too bad that we live so far because I think that we would have been really good friends in real life. I totally understand what you’re saying and you really get sick of putting that fake smile all the time. Some days I just want to shut them off since I’m always nice (maybe too nice) but it’s in my nature to care. I’m really happy that you have a loving husband so it can make things easier because you have the most important person in your life, what more do you need? It can be frustrating when you are single but like you mentioned, I have a family and some good friends that supports me and also I feel myself when I talk to you guys! Thank you soo much for the support, it means the world ❤ Hope you have a great weekend!! Lots of love! /Nad


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