Happy Hearts Day

Happy Hearts Day

Happy Valentines Day my dear heart-huggers!

I hope you had/have a great Valentines Day no matter if you are in a relationship, single, confused, alone, married, engaged, Justin Bieber… well you get the point!

First, I want to say congrats to a friend who got engaged today and my best friend got flowers from the man she loves and is on cloud nine right now. I’m happy for everyone who have someone special in their lives! May your life be full of MORE love and happiness!!!

Second, make sure to cherish the wonderful people in your life because you never know how much time you have with them and Valentines Day should not be the only day when you show how much you care for them. Also ALWAYS follow your happiness even if you are scared of taking a risk, if it doesn’t harm you, go for it and try at least!

I took a risk by staying here for me and for him, even though I didn’t get my happy ending but I never regret it and he is still the best thing that have happened to me. I still love him and miss him like crazy every day. Each painful day without him makes me work even harder to stay sane and focused on my studies. He was the missing piece to my heart and I felt complete, now I don’t. I truly believe that things happens for a reason, but it still sucks.

– Hugs x heart –

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