Miss Nerd

Miss Nerd

It’s been almost 3 weeks since my new classes started and I’m in a class of people who I just Hi to during last semester since the people I hung out with are in other tracks. We also have many exchange students from all over the world. In one of my courses, I’m in a group with three guys; one from Brazil, Norway and America. They are super nice except the American guy who behaves like a douche and thinks he is better than everyone in an arrogant kind of way. I have met really nice Americans in my days but he is one of the rudest I’ve met and he always say stupid things.

For those who don’t know, the University were I study is the highest rank in Sweden and I think 88th world-wide, so of course it’s intensive and people work hard in order to pass. Last semester all the people I hung out with read the articles before classes and seminars. I was sitting with my group the other day and suddenly the American says: Haha I bet Nad have read all the articles, she is such a nerd!

Ehm since when is “nerd” a bad thing? Yes people called me that in school too just because I got good grades and kids liked to tease me but today I take it with pride! Yes I’m a “nerdy” girl in that sence that I’m myself and don’t need others approval, yes I study hard, yes I have learned to like Star Wars and the world of sci-fi, I like computers, technology and to laugh at silly things but I’m also girly, goofy and social! Let me be me! Today I heard the same thing again and I mean people like that are just ignorant and I try to avoid them. I don’t need negative people around me that behave like an asshole. Funny thing is that the American wanted me to take notes for him since he is abroad and he was like make sure to write it super duper awesome like I normally do. In my head I was like: this nerd only help nice people haha. I didn’t take notes for him, he can just download the PowerPoint himself!

Have you ever experienced similar things?

– Hugs x heart –

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10 thoughts on “Miss Nerd

  1. Wow!! What a jerk. Unfortunately a lot of the guys here are jerks. We probably just get used to it because we see it every day. You should be nerdy!!! You worked VERY hard to be where you’re at and I’m sure it’s also not cheap to be there. As someone who works at a very well-known graduate school, I think you’re amazing for being where you are and taking it seriously! Today I submitted grades for a midterm that some students forgot to even write their name on!!!

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    1. Haha Amen to that :p I don’t care but it sure is annoying and today the first thing he said was: so did you take notes for and I just gave him a simple no! I like the person I am and if people don’t like, it’s fine, I don’t mind at all! As long as we all do our best that’s what matters :)Thank you so much that’s really kind of you! ❤ May I ask what you work with?

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      1. Oh completely. It is one thing to be nice to people and another to bend over backwards for them. If he doesn’t appreciate who you are, oh well. You’re better off without people like that. I think you’re pretty great! 🙂


    1. I’m proud of that side of me because it’s a part of my DNA! Sadly most “stupid” guys see that as something to make fun of but most of them have low IQ haha nah I don’t care for them! I’m just me 😀 Thanks for encouragement Rob 🙂

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