My trip to Oklahoma

My trip to Oklahoma

Back to reality and it has been lots going on these days and yesterday my classes started. Met some classmates from last semester that gave me warm greetings and asked how my trip was, so that was nice. We had an introduction lecture in Managing the multinational corporations (MNC), and our class is about 30 students and we are very mixed with local students and exchange students, also our teacher seemed like a laid back kind of guy. Lets hope that this course will be fun. Anyway I wanted to write a post about my trip to America which was the best choice to do since the breakup was really hard on me and I needed to get a way for a while.


I have an aunt who lives in Oklahoma, so I looked at tickets and found one at a good price, I clicked booked and after the assignment I was getting ready for a week of “me”-time. The day I was flying was very cold and it felt nice to escape the cold haha. My first stop was London, unluckily the flight was full of loud 18-19 years old people, gah! One girl was shuffling one deck of cards for like 10 minutes straight all the way to London, it was so annoying (yes, I only slept 4 hours that night). When we arrived London, I had almost 3 hours to do whatever but no offence Heathrow Airport is not the best airport and they had no McDonald’s or other fast food joints, so I had to buy a tiny wrap sandwich with crusty salad haha I was still hungry after 5 minutes.

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Sun? Is that you? I’ve missed you so much!

I was getting ready for my 9 hours flight to Chicago and boy I was surprised when I entered the American Airlines (AA) airplane, oh wow! Did I travel back in time? I thought we lived in 2016! The seats were from the 90’s with no entertainment system at all, only one small screen in the front for all to “share”… for 9 HOURS!!! If I had known I would have packed my bag with magazines, food and my laptop. The cabin crew where not the nicest either and they also fitted with the 90’s theme (when they where young) … don’t get me started with the toilets (I already hate public restrooms) but this was so freaking dirty with no toilet paper after half of the trip. I will never fly AA again!!! Thankfully I talked to the guy sitting next to me, he was from Scotland, really nice guy so that made things easier and after I tried to sleep but I couldn’t.

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American Airlines has the latest technology from Europe to America
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At least I got some ice-cream!!!

9 hours later… We are soon landing in Chicago, fasten your seat belts!

Now comes the most stressful part of my trip and I was freaking out, you see, I had only one and half hour to my connecting flight to Oklahoma, for those who have travelled to America knows that the emigration line can be crazy long because the safety takes time which I totally understand! Now the airplane was on the runway for a good 20-30 minutes which gave me only one hour to manage *panic mode*. I was standing at the emigration line and like everyone else waiting for my turn but inside my heart was racing so much and I was getting stressed because it was the last flight to Oklahoma and I was so exhausted with no sleep.

When everything was green, I had to find my bag to re-book it to my other flight and take the train to next terminal but when I got there it said: “Train out-of-order”, now I didn’t know what to do but thankfully the next one came after 5 minutes but now I had to go through security again and the line was so long, I only had 15 minutes. The time was running like sand and I wanted to cry my eyes out, when I put my stuff, I had 5-7 minutes, as soon as I got my stuff I put my shoes on untied and ran like never before and my shoelaces were flying everywhere, people were looking and in my head I was saying: I missed the flight, the gate is closed, I’m stuck here tonight… I got to my gate with 2 minutes to go and the lady was like: You managed!

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Winter in Chicago, the snow followed me!

My head was spinning, my lungs were in shock and I had to calm down but I made it, it was a miracle! Now, we had to stay extra hour to “unfreeze” the plane and there was another guy from same London flight who also managed! Finally we lifted and I remember that I cried a bit on the plane and we landed in Oklahoma 01:30 AM. My aunt picked me up and I went straight to bed! Rest of the week I was relaxed and spent time with my aunt and cousins, did some shopping, got my nails done, went to the movies and eat lots of food haha. I didn’t visit downtown, so I don’t have many pictures of Oklahoma except family pictures, but it was nice! The weather was so good during the days I was there, felt like spring!


Oklahoma at night


Did some shopping ^^


So freaking good!

The week went really fast and it was already time to fly home and I was not that stressed about missing flight since I had more time in between. First stop was in Dallas where I had 5 hours to spend, I mostly talked to my best friend and had Starbucks coffee and there he was … the cutest guy I have seen in a while, brown hair and blue eyes, so dreamy. My friend wanted me to take a photo to show her haha … Well, I was smitten and was wishing that he would be sitting next to me for 9 hours, of course it didn’t happen, instead I got to sit next to Margaret Thatcher look-alike, I mean why? The guy (let’s call him Dallas) was sitting literally tree rows in front of me but I was too tired to think about it and thank goodness I was flying with British Airways to London, which is much better than AA.



Haha had to take a discreet picture of “Dallas” but just got a shot of his ass haha #ineedalife

After dinner I wanted to sleep (or at least try) but wow it was so much turbulence which freaked me out and gave me anxiety. I just wanted to grab someones hand but instead I squeezed the armrest really hard but what freaked me out the most was when they turned on the light and the pilot said that we had to land in New York due emergency. I’m sure that I was close to an anxiety attack but when he said that one passenger was ill, I got a bit calmer but still very tense. I was all alone! When we landed, the ambulence was there, I don’t know what have happend but someone was ill and had to go to the hospital, I really hope the he or she is okay! I think we stayed in NYC for one hour before heading to London.

Thanks to British Airways, we got there safe and sound, two hours late and almost everyone missed their connecting flights but I was lucky to make it in time! On the train to the terminal, Dallas sat in front of my, but I promise you guys, I looked like CRAP!!! I had no energy at all to care about any thing so that was the last I saw of him. I took the last flight home to Sweden and was so tired after being awake for more than 24 hours and I feel asleep like a baby when I got home! Overall I had a great time and have new energy! I havn’t been missing my ex at all and I feel free from all the emotional scars! Yes, a part of me will always love him but I’m over it and now moving on with my life!

Hope you guys liked this post and I will write another post tomorrow (I hope) ! Have a great day/night ❤

Ps. to see more pictures, check out my Instagram!

– Hugs x heart –

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8 thoughts on “My trip to Oklahoma

  1. Awesome!!!!!!! Sounds a little stressful with the flights…I know how you feel because I get serious anxiety flying, just thinking about missing flights. I also see you have snapchat?!?! Can I follow you? What’s your screen name?


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