First term of Master’s studies…

First term of Master’s studies…


Thank goodness, I finally have some winter holidays now! Well, I still have an individual assignment left to do but no more classes till January! *dancing* These past months have been so intensive, stressful and it sucked all the energy out of us all, yet most of us managed to stay sane (one girl in my class had a “smearing-lipstick-on-her-face-while-laughing-like-a-crazy-person-breakdown-snapchat-session”).  I have probably read over 100 articles, written around 20-25 essays/group papers, had presentations, seminars, lectures… well, you get the point!


Today I met one of my friends/classmates, we decided to celebrate with some Mongolian BBQ in Stockholm, because we were worth it haha! It was nice to hang out outside the University and just talk about other things. Next term we are going to study our tracks and we have not the same so it will be kind of sad that the class will split up, mostly because I found some people I liked to hang out with and non of them are in my track. We will see how that will turn out haha

Now I’m heading to bed and see you in the next post! Good night ❤

– Hugs x heart –

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9 thoughts on “First term of Master’s studies…

  1. Mongolian BBQ? That is something I missed out on when I was in Stockholm in September. Do they cater for vegetarians? 🙂 Next time I go I will have to employ you as my tour guide.


    1. Yeah there is a great place called: Mongolia Djingis Khan Barbecue, they have really good food where you can pick whatever you want (meat or vegatables) and they cook it for you fresh in front of you! I would really reccommend it next time you visit Stockholm. Haha sounds like a good idea, I’ll make the ultimate Stockholm experience guide 😀

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      1. Hey sweety, are you all ok? heard that there was an earthquake :/ Just wanted to check that first!!! I’m doing well, had some rough months but it’s getting better. Lets hope that 2016 will bring us all luck, happiness, love, good health and so much more!! Lots of hugs to you ❤


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