Exit the zombie land

Exit the zombie land

I’m back from zombie land and no I’m not talking about Halloween haha, last week I got the flu on the most hectic week ever. It started of course with the throat on Sunday and I was kind of freaking out since I had a group presentation on Monday which I really couldn’t miss … yes I did the presentation with high fever and stared at the wall for 20 minutes before my concluding part. Rest of the week contained team paper, 20 questions pop-quiz (not that easy) and one “how will the managerial decisions look like in year 2025 for General Electric” – essay plus one home exam haha


You can all imagine how blank and tired I felt when I in a miraculous way managed to complete all tasks in time. I took the weekend off and watch Modern Family  (up to season 4) and it felt so good! This week two new courses started: Leadership and Business Strategy. This week was more introduction week so it was not that hectic and I have no classes until Tuesday but I have a lot of reading to do till than but I can plan everything better now with more time. We will have classes two times a week yay! To celebrate this mini “holiday” I decided to buy some makeup for myself and saw the Star Wars theme mascara and lipstick which I HAD to buy (so freaking cute). I have missed you guys a lot and to write on my blog, it’s really sad that I don’t have that much time to write but you all understand!

Hope you all had a great Halloween weekend with lots candy and fun outfits haha. I have to sleep now but I will catch up with you guys soon! Sweet dreams ❤

– Hugs x heart –

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4 thoughts on “Exit the zombie land

  1. I was speed-reading this (I know, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t) and mis-read that you ‘saw Star Wars’ and got all excited: “It’s out?! Star Wars is out now?!…oh, it’s not.”

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