Crying girl in church

Crying girl in church

Gosh, I just had 3 hours sleep yesterday because I had to hand in my home exam and I was really behind with the writing but I managed to finish it before even though I was not satisfied with the result.

Reason why I wrote it too late was because on Saturday I was invited to a friend’s baby baptism where some of my other friends also attended. I met up with my childhood friend, her boyfriend (who I met the first time) and two common friends, after we headed to the church. The ceremony was lovely and the baby was really cute and calm during the whole thing, then they started to play one of the most beautiful Swedish songs I’ve ever heard and I got emotional and started to think about my ex because all the words reminded me of him. My best friend saw me and asked if I was crying and I just laughed it away saying that the song was emotional and she agreed.

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Later on we went to the reception dinner where they served some good food, drinks and cake for all the guests, there were many people there and most of them where kids (very calm thankfully). We talked mostly and played some games, we also had some AMAZING sweets, cake-pops. I totally loved the decoration that was really cute and chic, yes I had a really good time and it was nice to do something else for a day and just hang out with some friends.

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Cutest cake ❤


Hope you all had a great weekend and a good Monday! Now I have to sleep or I will be in zombie mode all day haha! Good night and sweet dreams ❤

– Hugs x heart –

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14 thoughts on “Crying girl in church

    1. Yes I totally needed to something else and have a nice time with some old friends! Thank you so much for the support, miss talking to you! Hope everything is great with you ❤

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      1. It’s going well here! Just a whole lot of the same things happening, which is nothing! I am having a hard time writing because everything is the same…nothing new! I hope school is going well! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Aw I know what you mean! I just saw your burger post which is the coolest ever 😀 Yeah it’s very hectic and as a bonus I got the flu haha! Hope you have a better day ❤

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