Hole in the wall

Hole in the wall

The weekend goes too fast  and it’s already time for a new hectic week! Hope you all had a great weekend! On Saturday I met up with my childhood friend who I hadn’t seen in two months even though we live just 10 minutes away with train but we both have been really busy so we finally decided to meet up at her place to have a girls night. We wanted to watch a series but it ended with us talking till 5 A.M. about things that had happened and it felt good just talking and hearing the other person’s thoughts and experienced. I knew that I was not the only one who felt a certain way but it was nice to hear that there were some understanding.


As the hours went we both felt our eyes just getting more and more heavy so we decided to sleep and there was the biggest spider in the room and my friend took her notebook and hit it so hard that it became a hole in the wall, I could not stop laughing even if I was so tired that I was going to pass out! Poor spider and wall haha! Alright then, time for some sleep and getting ready for tomorrow gah!


Sweet dreams ❤

– Hugs x heart –

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10 thoughts on “Hole in the wall

    1. Haha I sure hope so but it was thankfully not at my place xD Yes it was really nice and totally needed since studies take most of my time! Hope you had a great weekend too 😀 Talk soon ❤


      1. HA! I wish it would be that romantic of a situation… it usually results in me shrieking and my boyfriend fetching a shoe. 😆 One time he missed… and swear to god it disappeared I had such trouble sleeping that night, haha! I’m good, busy, feeling largely disconnect with everyone. I need to get out of my normal routine and go see people 😉 Otherwise life is going great. How are you?

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      2. Haha standard thing for us girls! I don’t like flying things and insects at all so I know what you mean eww! I miss talking to you but I understand, it’s the same for me, studies are taking all my time so that’s why I’m so bad with updating the blog and checking out posts :/ Hope you have a great day ❤


  1. I am so glad you had a good time (despite the evil spider intruder. Your friend took care of that though!!) I think it is imperative to have a break ever now & then with school, especially since you’re working on your masters. Time flies when you’re having fun my dear.


    1. Haha thank you my friend ^^ Yes it was really nice weekend to do something besides studying! Time passes too fast and it’s really scary in one sence because then those good memories just goes further and further away :/ Hope you have a great day! Hugs x

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