Pink birthday party

Pink birthday party

Who knew that Master’s studies would be so intense from the start? I have been reading for hours now and needed a small break before doing the last for today so I thought of doing a short post.

Hi btw! haha

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I sure did! On Saturday my best friend’s baby had her first birthday party so that was really exciting since I see her as my niece. I came to place earlier to help out with the decorations and things like that haha my friend got EVERYTHING pink so yeah it was specially for baby doll! The party was really nice except all the noise from all the kids and their party horns haha ^^






– Hugs x heart –

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8 thoughts on “Pink birthday party

      1. I know, Nad. I’ve just read your new post. It seems dark, but tomorrow will be brighter. Just believe. You will find someone so amazing that you’ll forget the pain you are feeling. You are loved. ❤

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      2. I just wish that I loved him less and I feel so alone because he filled my heart, the missing piece. Like you said tomorrow is a new day and I need to focus on me and my happiness again. Be ok to continue being single but I’m gonna miss the kissing part 😦 Thank you so much Rob ❤

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