Wrong time, wrong place

Wrong time, wrong place

OMG! Most of you have probably already read about what happened in Bangkok, Thailand few days ago. For those who don’t know, there was bomb blast in the city centre of Bangkok which killed around 22 people and injured about 120 people according to CNN. It’s so horrible!

It’s really scary to know that we were there few days ago and not far from where it happened and poor innocent people died while being on vacation, praying or just on the way home. This made me sad to read about but also scared if it happened while being there. I know that this could happen anywhere at any time and there is nothing we can do about or predict it and prevent it from happening. Sad as it sounds it was the wrong time and wrong place which costs so many people pain or even death. My prayer goes to all those lost a loved one or who are suffering all around the world,bless their hearts and souls. I think that we live in a sick world when events like these occurs and that’s why we should be thankful for all the wonderful people and things we have in life. We should appreciate it more and don’t live in fear and regrets, fight for those who are worth it and know that you did your best. As I always say in this blog: Spread the love and positivity even if things seems impossible and hard. Everything will be alright! Have hope and strength! ❤


– Hugs x heart –

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17 thoughts on “Wrong time, wrong place

  1. I was shocked when that story broke. Between that and the plane crash. So many innocent lives lost. It must be especially troubling for you, since you were there so recently. Prayers sent to those grieving families.

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    1. I know right ! I don’t understand who someone would do anything like that. Thank you so much for commenting! How’s life? Long time no see! Have a great weekend!

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  2. A few days before those planes hit the twin towers, my wife was on top of one of them. When the news broke, I had a postcard from her on the mantelpiece, saying that she was in New York and was planning to go up there. It took a while, but I eventually managed to discover that she was safe. We were ‘just’ best friends at the time-our friendship going all the way back to infant school, and in our personal lives were both at different points. But that day was probably the start of me realising what life would be like if I lost her.
    Out of these huge, terrible actions sometimes smaller, beautiful events come about.
    Just thought I’d bring a little positivity your way 🙂

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    1. Oh wow 😮 that’s really scary! Sometimes destiny has it ways to save us from things and we should always be thankful for that! How did she feel after it happend? You are so right! Thank you for sharing! Have a great weekend!


      1. Well by the time it happened she was in LA, supposed to be flying on to San Francisco, but all planes had then been grounded. She has photographs that she took from the top of those towers (can’t really believe that they are no longer there). I look at them, how far up it is, and think Christ-people jumped from there?!
        Anyway off now, safari/ dinosaur land/ Cadbury’s World with the kids in predicted severe thunderstorms! Back tomorrow night. Wish me luck!

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  3. Great post. You’re so right, you just never know what will happen in life. I think of this every day I drive home from work! Because Brendan is a police officer, we always pray for him and his safety, but then we think about how more people die in car accidents every day! 😦 So prayers to EVERYONE!!! I hope you’re doing well babe! Miss your posts. Keep them coming. 🙂

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    1. It’s a scary thought and we can never really avoid it no matter how careful you are. Yes I totally understand what you mean and you are just being a great wife who wants her husband to be safe! Yes I’m doing well, just stressed with finding a place to stay in Uppsala but other than that taking one day at the time. Sorry that I have not been updated on your blog but soon things will be better and I will try to make more interesting posts and check out others stuff! Have a great weekend sweety! Thank you for everything!!!

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      1. My cousin came for a visit! I just posted some photos on my blog. It was pretty fun, we were tourists for the whole weekend! Glad your weekend was okay, even considering all that is going on.

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      2. Yeah I saw the post really beautiful pictures 😀 Actually things are better and so I’m keep staying positive. Tomorrow my friends baby is having her 1st b’day party so that will be nice 🙂

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