I’ll cover you

I’ll cover you

Writer’s block again, gah!

Even though lots is going on in my head right now but I have difficulty to make some fun posts for you all and I lack inspiration. This summer has not been the most fun one and the weather have been crazy here. One minute is sunshine and summer feels but next minute it’s raining like crazy so people don’t know if they should stay inside or go out. We had maybe one week that was really hot!


I finally changed my phone because my Samsung was really hating me and it had the worst battery time, so this time I got iPhone 6. I’m still not used to it and I almost forgot how to use iPhones haha. Today I went to the mall to get a phone cover and this really cute guy helped me with the cover and even gave me discount for being nice yay haha.

Soon it’s time for holidays and I’ll share some updates with you guys soon !

– Hugs x heart –

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21 thoughts on “I’ll cover you

      1. That sounds amazing! I hope you have a great Eid with you family and loved ones 🙂 I’m doing well too, just living the lazy life haha!

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  1. I’ve been feeling the same lately. Such writers block; maybe it’s the heat or the lazy summer pace? Congrats on the new phone though, I have the same one I think. BTW, haven’t seen you around the blog lately…what have you thought of my recent content? Visit me for some fun! 🙂

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    1. Yeah maybe we have been bitten by the same writer’s block bug haha. Thank you so much! Yeah I have been really slow with the blogging and checking out posts, hope to be back soon 😀 I will check out! Have a great day 😉


      1. Inspiration will strike when you least expect it, that’s the way it goes. Believe me, we ALL have those times when we can’t write a single word, no matter how much we want to 🙂
        I’m doing great, thank you! As I said, I don’t care that you didn’t think you had much to say, I liked hearing from you tonight 😀

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      2. Thank you so much for the kind words! Really happy to hear that you are doing well. Aaw thats so sweet of you to say ❤ I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hugs


  2. Weather in the north is always moody. Worse part is that is only getting worse, during winter 😀 We just have to learn how to ignore it, and enjoy our time regardless. Kind of hard when you’re soaking wet, but doable haha.

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