Secret of the seven Midsummer flowers

Secret of the seven Midsummer flowers

Happy Midsummer!!!

Hugs x heart

The magical night of love

In the old Swedish society people believed that Midsummer was one of the most magical nights of the year and it was believed that the nature abounded of forces and anything could happen, therefore some rituals were very important. Midsummer night was also associated with love and if people wanted to know who they were going to spend their lives with, this was the perfect night.

Love fortune-telling had a common role in the old Swedish society during Midsummer and there is this one old tradition that many people still perform today: The tradition of the seven Midsummer flowers.

The tradition says that if a person gather seven different flowers during Midsummer eve and put it under the pillow and in the hope of dreaming about the man or woman they were going to marry. According to the old tradition you had to pick the flowers…

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