Birthday flirt “cheating” dinner party

Birthday flirt “cheating” dinner party

Hey guys!

I hope you had a great weekend! I’m just happy that I finally got the chance to make a post. In the previous post I mentioned that I was going to a surprise birthday dinner. It was my friend’s husband’s party, it was ok evening I guess. Why just ok you might ask? Well there were almost 22-24 people who I had never met BUT they all knew each other. They were not that easy-going in the beginning but when people started to get a bit drunk then they started to talk and be social.

There was this guy who was like: How do you know the couple and I had to explain that me and my friend were best friends since we were 11 years old. He was rude in a joyful way and was like I don’t like you yet he asked me to stop look at him with my puppy eyes  as he squeezed my cheeks like a kid. At the end he just wanted to hug and ask for a kiss, haha hell no!


Other than that there were other “interesting” people, one guy who got REALLY drunk who almost got us kicked out of the bus because he was shouting annoying things gosh I wanted to go home. This married girl with super filled lips (I call her botox girl) and the most glamorous dress of us all was so fake and “trying” to be your best friend and she gave like air kisses all the time or winked but didn’t listen to a single thing you said. GAH!

She started to flirt with the drunk guy as soon as her husband left to watch the Champion League Finals. She was all over the guy as she wanted to sleep with him within the hours and she used the guy and let him pay for her stuff. I don’t know how it ended because I went home when she was extra clingy on him.

My friend was so embarrassed and angry at her because the girl wasn’t even drunk or anything and was doing that to her husband who was a good friend to my friend (make sense?).  Anyways the evening was not the most fun one but I still smiled and talked to people. The dinner was good, we were at a steak house and I had a burger with fries, so good! So that was my Saturday and yesterday I was so lazy and didn’t do anything which felt so good!

Today I went to the mall, didn’t find anything special except for a ring that I liked. Now I’m going to catch up with some series since I’m so behind because of the guy in my class haha! I hope you all have a great day!!

– Hugs x heart –

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12 thoughts on “Birthday flirt “cheating” dinner party

  1. Fun to see a post from you! Seems like you had a pretty stressful and fun weekend! Hope you also get a great day and a great new week! What series do you see btw? 🙂


      1. I very rarely get angry, says Mr Cucumber. I went for Juventus as I always go for the underdog. But this does mean I get my fair share of knock backs 🙂

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      1. I miss you, too, Nad! I’m doing well! It’s almost summer, so the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming! How are you?

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      2. That’s wonderful! We also have wonderful weather most of the time. I’m doing ok I guess. I miss writing and talk to you guys.

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