Du gamla du fria…

Du gamla du fria…

Grattis Sverige ! Today is the national day of Sweden, not that I actually celebrate it or it’s a huge thing like the national day of Norway. There are lots of flags waving outside though!

I’m still very tired, it was the last day of University with the last exam which was pain in the hand of all the writing and I had no clue what I was writing haha. After the exams few people from the class decided to hangout the “last” time together. I hope to keep some of them in my life but you never really know what will happen after summer. We had a really nice evening and I realized that I’m going to miss some of them so much which I was not expecting at all in the beginning of the term. I met some wonderful people who I actually can call friends, not those who fakes or stab you in the back. Genuine people who actually cares about you and wants whats best (of course I’m talking about people in real life because I have so many wonderful souls here in WordPress world who I LOVE and know that they care deeply).

I will keep the good memories into the future and keep it in my heart as a reminder when things are feeling rough! I will write soon but now I have to get ready for a surprise birthday dinner. I miss you guys so much, feels like we barely talk anymore 😦

– Hugs x heart –

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11 thoughts on “Du gamla du fria…

  1. You talk about “true friends” in your post. True blogging friends will pick up right where you left off without feelings of guilt. Enjoy your evening. I’ll hear from you again when ever the time is right.

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    1. That’s so sweet! Yes I hope people understand that there is lots on my mind right now, Things I didn’t expect to happen so still trying to figure it out but I do miss writing and sharing my thoughts! Thank you! I hope everything is great with you!

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    1. Ooh! I would say somewhere north of Stockholm like Solna, Sollentuna, Upplands Väsby it’s easier to get to town if you don’t want to find a hotel in the city. Check Scandic hotel’s homepage and you might find something for you 😀 If you have more questions let me know!!!


      1. Yeah do that and let me know if there is something else I can help with. I will soon make a post about Stockholm 😀


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