The Color Run 2015

The Color Run 2015

I forgot to make a post yesterday about The Color Run Stockholm. I was too tired and Eurovision Song Contest ended very late.


It all begun with me waking up WAY to early to meet up my friend in T-centralen (Central station) with my sister. We took the metro to the place we were supposed to be at. There were loud music man lots of people entering this “meet-up” park. My sister, friend and I got some gold and silver paint and fixed up little haha. They were playing up-tempo song mostly EDM which made me happy and everyone were dancing and started to throw some color on each other (we all had a bag of color, I got fricking green and not pink).


We stood in line to start the race, don’t you think that it started to rain and it rained HARD, oh my goodness! The color started to melt on the face and T-shirt. Then it was finally our turn and we started to jog and the 1k went fast, where we got the first color: yellow. Afterwards I started to feel tired, I shouldn’t have danced too much haha but we got to 2k with the color pink. There so many slops and mud which made it harder to run/jog, we got to 3k with green color on our faces. There were so many supporting people on the way that were cheering for everyone, we even saw some crazy naked people on a boat cheering (I mean WTF) we got to 4k and we were feeling blue. After one more kilometer ….FINISHED!!!




I was so happy that I managed since I barely practised anything but still had energy. So we all took lots of pictures and joined the color dance party afterwards with non-stop dancing! We were the heroes of Stockholm haha. On the way home was more “embarrassing” haha first people asked us to be in a Bachelorette picture and people stared at us all covered in color. At the train was the funniest when a beggar came and started to laugh at me and of course the cutest guy HAD to pass me today and give me the WTF stare haha and finally the bus driver laughed at me to the most. Someone had to take all the color while my shorter sister and friend hid behind me. We also got to know that Stockholm will the third city in the world that will get The Color Run Night.




It was REALLY fun and I think you should try it at least one time if you have The Color Run in your country/city. Sadly it was quite hard to scrub off the color from everything. I hope all enjoyed this post and have a great Monday ❤

– Hugs x heart –

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16 thoughts on “The Color Run 2015

  1. I definitely want to try a color run, but I don’t think the color would come out of my hair! It is pretty light blonde, and I know it can “dye” really easily! What color is your hair?! Did it come out!?

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    1. Shauna you would LOVE it!!! Yes the color was a bit difficult to get rid of on the first shower and I have dark brown hair put you could see the blue color cleansing from the hair so I’m not sure how it would be on blonde hair :/ maybe google it 😉 it was fun!

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