What is happening? (guy edition)

What is happening? (guy edition)

I have been trying to blog the past two days but it end up with late conversations with the classmate I mentioned in previous post.

The thing is that we have been talking a lot during these two days and in my head it’s only as friends at first because I don’t do emotions and I KNOW that he is not good for me in that sence that he has his dilemmas (serious ones) that takes over him. I don’t know, it is hard to explain and I can’t do anything about it. Anyways it’s easy to talk to him and I don’t have to pretend or avoid things, since few people stops and have time to talk/listen to you it feels good to have someone who does. That’s why I like talking to him. It can be anything from the past, our inner demons to what series are worth watching and it goes on for hours.

Now the tricky part for me is that I know that he starts to like me, I mean he LIKES me and keep saying how unique, kind, smart and interesting girl I am and that he want to know more. It makes me feel awkward because I’m not used to hearing this and yes he notice that I try to avoid the complement but deep inside I’m flattered and start to like him on the emotional level. I don’t want to admit that to him because he is very fragile and I care too much to hurt him. He wrote to me today after class and we talked causally and we unintentionally got on “sensitive” subject and without thinking I started to ask questions and say thing that made him just put many things out; very serious things but he stopped himself at some point and I think he regretted it so much. He kept on saying: I don’t want to put it all on you, sorry! You have your own thing so ignore what I said, forget it.

I kept on saying that I didn’t mind listening and that I care but yeah he started to build the walls again. I backed off and said that maybe he needed to rest since he just slept few hours. He added that it was dangerous talking to me because I could bring out all these things just by listening. So yeah, I thought he needed his space to cool down. Now I  feel very guilty for bringing those things out which are very sensitive for him. I don’t know. I can’t stop thinking about it now because I do like him, he is an interesting person who I can’t figure out, not the typically guy I normally connect with this way.

I don’t want to feel anything, gah! I though that I had my feelings in control and not allowing to feel small butterflies, yuck! Why is this happening?

That’s why I have not been blogging normal things lately. I don’t know!

What do you think? Please give me advice!!! 

– Hugs x heart –

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20 thoughts on “What is happening? (guy edition)

  1. Well, I think that guy #2 may have feelings for you. I think that, since he’s dating someone, you just take things in stride. He’s not married, so it’s not like there won’t be changes in his relationships. I say go on with life, but don’t be too surprised when you find that he keeps buying cookies for you. 🙂

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    1. You think? Well he does show that he likes my company but keeping distance at the same time. Ok it doesn’t matter in 2 weeks we all will say bye anyways 😦 What do you thing about guy #1?

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      1. #1 seems like he likes you, but isn’t ready to deal with mature issues. At least that is what I gathered from what I had read.

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      2. We both have trust issues that’s why we connect with these things. Thank you for your comment! ❤ You always know what to say! Have a great Friday!!!

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    1. HAHA yeah those are the best ones because you always got my back! But what would you have done (without the serialkiller part). you are the best!!!

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      1. What would I have done? I will have to break the cardinal rule and ask a lady her age. Then I can tell you what I would have done back then. And now.

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  2. Don’t get your hopes up with that guy with the girlfriend. Boys will be boys, they don’t think about what girls think or feel when they do things like that. I have spent a looot of time with guys and have noticed that they do such things without thinking and not meaning it in a loving way. They just like you as a friend.
    Of course there might be more, I’m just saying..

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    1. Yes I know that guys who are busy don’t like you like that and that’s why he keeps his distance but sometimes he is extra sweet. you are absolutely right! Thank you so much for the comment! Have a great Friday!


  3. I say just set your emotions free and see how you feel then. In the mean time, I wish you the best of luck! Guys are so complicated. I think they might be more complicated than they claim females are. 😀

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