Bitten by the bug

Bitten by the bug

It feels like ages since I wrote something even though it’s just been few days.

My close friend from Uppsala came for a visit on Saturday and we had a lot catching up to do because it was a while since we met. We had so much fun and it felt like the old days when we used to study at Uppsala University. On Sunday I was just being lazy and did some studying for this weeks classes.

Now you know that I have been feeling kind of down these days. It’s not only me who has been bitten by the sad bug and these days I have been trying to be there for people who are sad for different reasons. A friend of mine is having boy problems and is sad that a guy is ignoring her and she keeps on sending messages and he… well it’s to complicated to explain also knowing that the guy is an exchange-student who is going home soon. Believe me it’s not fun getting involved with someone who has to go home, so yeah she  is having mixed emotions. She has difficulties letting go and giving space, I’m trying to explain but it’s not always easy.

Yesterday I found out that my best friend’s grandma passed away and my friend is currently in Croatia so I couldn’t comfort her as much as I wanted but I told her that I was just a phone call/text away. She was in shock stage and hadn’t realized the truth yet and it will be hard for her when she comes back home later this summer. My thoughts and prayers goes to her family, may my friend’s grandma soul rest in peace! She was a really sweet lady.

Today my friend from school who have become one of my closest friends and she was also very upset. She called me and was crying because some guy she liked kissed her and said sweet things when they were at an event in another town. The day after he said that she is a sweet girl who deserves someone better and more serious but that they can still be friends (you know the bullshit thing many guys says to hurt a girl). She felt humiliated and fooled. That part made me angry because I have been through the disappointment too believing that a guy actually likes you and wants to be with you. I felt her pain so I did the best I could do by listening and giving her pep talk, she felt a bit better (it takes time).

This made me realize that everyone have their own things that brings them down but having someone listening and caring can make so much impact, sure it can’t make things disappear. I don’t know why but I feel more connected to those who allows me to see that they have their inner demons too. No one is perfect and supporting each other makes some bonds stronger. When I know that I made a person smile and feel better even for a minute makes my day and that’s a quality that I have inside myself I feel proud of. I want to motivate people into being the best self they can be and hold their hand during the bumpy roads they face. Yes, I care too much of people’s wellbeing.

Yes I will try to make some happier posts soon haha, it’s been days like these so it’s not always fun to drag down the blog to these feelings (even if it’s healthy). Thank you for all the support that I have gotten (you know who you are) ❤

Gotta sleep now! Catch with you guys later!

– Hugs x heart –

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