Run into the world of color

Run into the world of color

My sister and I just signed up for The Color Run next week. It’s on my bucket list (to complete a race in any form). I’m excited even though I have not been running for a LONG time so I’m not in the best shape right now but it’s about having fun right? I just hope that it will be good weather and no rain!

For more information click here

Have any of you done The Color Run or planning on doing it this year? Please comment!

– Hugs x heart –

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23 thoughts on “Run into the world of color

  1. Have a wonderful time. I get very excited anytime I hear people participating in events that involve social groupings that are physically active. It becomes a win-win situation (fun and exercise). This is all part of creating balance in life. You’re a smart person!

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    1. Thank you so much! It will be really fun I think and it’s good to do some good for the body 🙂 I will post next week on how it went ! Have a great day and stay awesome!


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