Let me go

Happy Friday!!

This week I want to share the song with Years & YearsKing which is my favorite song at the moment. I have been listening to this group and I really like their sound and the lead singer has really good voice! New favorites!

Enjoy and have a great weekend !


22 thoughts on “Let me go

    1. Yay! Did you know this band before or just discovered it like me? Thank you! I wish you a lovely weekend too 🙂 /Nad


    1. I have to admit that I just found them after hearing this song few weeks ago and I’m obsessed! I really want to see them live 😀 No worries! This song is on repeat haha! Have a great weekend!

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    1. I discovered them too few weeks ago when I found this on Spotify and you have to listen to their other songs. They are really good! Happy Friday 😀


    1. Yeah I’m obsessed with this group, you have to listen to Real! I miss you sister! ❤ yeah life is good but a but hectic, what about you? Love you lots ❤


      1. Oh no! Don’t they give you a rest? When do you have summer holidays? Best of luck in ALL exams and projects ❤


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