I’m almost there

Finally back home from a nice evening in town.

Today I met up best friend with the baby and we had a lovely day out by the water. We bought some food and enjoyed the amazing spring weather. My little niece was extra happy and smiley today, she is the cutest ever! Few hours later I had to go and meet up my sibling because we were going to see an outdoor concert with Veronica Maggio at Gröna Lund or Grönan as we call it (amusement park in Stockholm). Veronica Maggio is a very popular female artist here in Sweden with famous songs like: Satan i gatan, Sergels torg , Hela Huset and Jag kommer etc.

Veronica Maggio (source)

The show was starting at 8 PM, so my siblings and I arrived at 5:30 PM but OMG what a huge line to get inside. I was horrified and sceptical if we were able to come in because of the amount of people. We stood in line 40 min… 50 min… 1 hour…. still not there. A nice man let me, my siblings and 4 girls in to a ticket area, don’t ask why we got selected but we were lucky. Finally we got in!


We got some cotton candy and sodas while waiting on the show by the water with the amazing view over Djurgården. I also met an old friend there aswell.



At 8 PM there were so many people mostly younger kids and people were going back and forth, tall people standing in front of all us short people. It was a bit annoying! The funniest part was that there were some girls in front of us who took selfies including people behind them and my brother is not a fan of being in pictures so he was in the 30 of their selfies hahaha. My sister was like: I don’t want to be in their selfies which one of the girls heard so they stopped haha.




Veronica Maggio was really good live and people were dancing and singing out loud. When the concert ended we ran to the tram and later took the train home and now my feet are hurting a bit. That means it was a good day!





– Hugs x heart –

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11 thoughts on “I’m almost there

  1. Veronica Maggio is great-I listen to her on Spotify. One day I will know enough Swedish to understand what she is singing about! I do understand ‘Jag Kommer’ though. Not the whole song, just those two words! My daughter loves the video, where she is trying to leave the apartment. I know, I know you are well impressed by my knowledge of Swedish music.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Her songs are really good and she is a great songwriter. Then we can sing along together to her song 😉 haha. That song has double meaning as in I’m coming (which in Swedish means two things but she sings that she is coming in the taxi, stairs, elevator and the hall… well she never comfirmed what she really meant).


      1. Haha I see! Oh that sounds riktigt bra! We are gonna rock songs in Swedish, I will give you a list of some classic Swedish karaoke song like Jag vill vara din Margareta 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a bit too small not like your six flags haha but the place has its charm and memories ^^ Have a great weekend!!


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