May I get some sleep?

May I get some sleep?

I’m back from the stressed zombie land!

This weekend was so stressful because I had to finish two essays, one of them took forever to write. I got one day less because we had guests Saturday so I sat whole Sunday till 2 AM and you know what the best part was? On Monday I was supposed to have a seminar to discuss one of the essays, so on my way to University (around 9 AM) I found out that the class was cancelled. I was so annoyed because it takes 40 minutes to get to University and I had only 4 hour sleep. You know what I mean.

The next day I had an early morning class again so you could imaging how tired I have been the past days. Blogging was not on my mind even though I wanted to write something but nope! I just wanted to sleep. Today I had the day off so I slept till 12 PM, I really needed it haha! I have been watching series all day to relax (Aaw did you see New Girl season finale?) and do something else.

How are you guys doing? Feel like I have missed out things here on WordPress since Friday so I have to go back to check out your posts!

– Hugs x heart –

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28 thoughts on “May I get some sleep?

  1. Having not sufficient sleep in college is a very usual thing, I guess. Instead, I try to stay up late as late as possible because I know when in the work world, the overtime work is inevitable. You just deal with the essays and seminar, while here I am dealing with 2 papers for next week and 3 presentations for the following weeks. I am also dealing with student activity unit things or organization which make me so tired but I have to learn from it. This is mine. 😀


  2. Speaking of zombie land:
    On the school run, people were talking about fears and phobias. The usual came up: spiders, heights, etc. then one mum said zombies (in all seriousness). I tried to reassure her that they wasn’t real. But anyway, it gave me some great ammunition to use against her on FB. Whenever there is a discussion going on on her page, I try to post a relevant picture. She does cheerleading: I found a zombie cheerleader, etc. For her birthday, I even found a YouTube video of zombies on a train singing Happy Birthday. What’s the odds on that? In the middle of a serious conversation with her, I asked if she went to church? She replied “Bit of a random question, but I used to do. Why?” Then I posted a zombie Jesus saying I died for your sins but I’m coming back for your brains.” She didn’t appreciate it. But I try. 🙂

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    1. HAHAHAHA wow Andy! That’s hilarious! Imagine talking about world hunger and then you come with a zombie related picture haha … that’s what I like about you: your sence of humor ^^

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    1. Haha oh goodness! I remember when I went and visit my friend in Croatia over the weekend it took me a whole week to recover hahaha so I know what you mean ;D Hope you sober up soon 😉

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