Let’s “build” a future together!

Let’s “build” a future together!

Have you ever wanted to get married at the beach? or maybe the Circus? What about a mystic wedding in the forest? Some sees this dream locations as difficult to find and how can you gather ALL your loved ones that live too far away at the same place? Do you feel that this fit in for you?

If yes, now there is finally a fantastic solution for your dilemma, with just few easy instruction (no pun intended) you and your partner can have your dream wedding in an easy way… online! 


What the heck are you talking about Nad? Have you gone mad?

Haha no! I just read that IKEA launched a new wedding service (Bröllop Online) where you and your partner can get married online (video chat style) and invite all your loved ones from all over the world who can’t attend the wedding for different reasons. It is easy and you can have the perfect wedding you’ve always wanted!


You and your partner can choose from these perfect locations and have these themes:

Beach Wedding
Circus Wedding
Sea Wedding
Forest Wedding
City Roof Wedding
Castle Wedding

Maria Granath, communications manager at IKEA Sweden, said:

At IKEA, we want everyone to celebrate the love for their partner along with family and friends, even those who are far away . With our site you can get up to the wedding in a stunning setting, but it need not cost too much (www.ikea.se)

For the wedding to be valid you need a wedding officiant, two witnesses and of course a bride and a groom! Watch the video below (click on subtitles)

I’m sorry! I can’t hahaha. I was really trying to write this post with a straight face. I don’t know why I find this campaign so damn funny, haha. Talk about awkward when you think that you are invited to a real wedding and get really excited. You start to think about what outfit to wear, what shoes and jewelry will match, fix makeup, hair and when you’re done and then you get a mail with the link to the wedding ceremony. You log on your laptop and click on the link and sees this:


Wait what?!

Bride: Hey Nad! We are so glad that you could make it and attend our BIG day. You can choose where you want to sit.

Girl on the right: HEY GIRL! Long time no see! We totally have to meet up soon!

Cute guy to the right: Do you come here often? Oh sorry I’m not staring at your boobs. I’m just staring at your heart.

Older woman: Schhh!!! We all can hear you! The wedding is about to start!

Drunk guy next to the old woman: SHUT UP old woman! I can have a parrot if I want! You’re not the boss of me… 

Girl on the left: OMG Lindsay, you said that you were not wearing that dress! You’re such a copycat you BITCH!

Priest: Ok enough everyone! Don’t ruin their day! Shall we begin…?

Haha wow! That would not be awkward at all, especially when ALL the guests are sitting with their laptops at home and interacting at the same time (the most awkward part is when the bride, groom and the priest sit in the same room with three different laptops.) Also imagine the wedding reception.

Groom: Thank you all for being here, let’s make a toast!

Ehm wait! So you’re saying that there is no food, no drinks, no music and no cake?! Damn it! I must see what I have in the fridge…  talk about “economical” wedding!

In all seriousness, it doesn’t matter how you get married to someone you love, as long as you know that it is the right thing for you. You can’t set a price tag on love (ok maybe you can, it depends on how you see it, but that’s not the point). I still think this was funny concept and it was fun writing this post, nothing against IKEA or anything but it made me giggle haha!

If you want to get married with this service, click here

– Hugs x heart –

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12 thoughts on “Let’s “build” a future together!

    1. Haha I’m happy you liked it. I had so much fun writing this post, one of my favorites! Oh wow, you’re right, they might make a service like that too! Make a profit out of love they say haha

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes that’s true haha 🙂 I would rather have a small wedding than doing this, but whatever floats people’s boats 😉 haha


  1. This is horrible. Can you imagine, you’re watching the wedding, and all of a sudden your doorbell rings? Or your significant other walks into the room naked or something?! OMG imagine the possibilities! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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