Little princess

Little princess

Today I’m happy ! Got to meet my little niece for the first time, yes my friend finally had her baby two days ago after a long long wait and process. I spoke to my friend and she said that there were some visiting hours today since she had to stay there extra because she was late and said that I could come if I felt like it. I was at work so I decided to go right after, so I texted her, rushed home, had quick dinner and then went directly to the hospital.

Since it was last-minute, I had no time to buy flowers so I called the hospital floral shop before closing and asked if they could fix a cute bouquet pink themed, when I got there the flowers were by the info disk. Also I asked for the direction to the building my friend was at and I’m not joking it was like a long hall way with NO people around with wheelchairs, hospital bed and it felt like a scary movie (sidenote: I don’t feel comfortable at hospitals or even the dentist), I managed to find the elevator and found the room.

My friend was really happy to see me and hugged like ten times, so I congratulated the couple and there she was lying in her little bed. She was so precious and so tiny, I was so HAPPY to see her. She was crying but as soon as she found her thumb she stopped for a while but you could her the loud *smack smack* sucking sound, so adorable. We went to the “public” area because my friend was hungry so I got to hold the little doll and she was not crying once. My friend’s sleepy hubby was like: You should stay here because the baby is not crying at all, why didn’t you come earlier? haha he was desperate for sleep. There were two more people who came to visit them so we had a nice time and I stayed like an hour.

Can’t wait till the baby gets older and see what she’s like but she is a part of my happiness right now and I feel really lucky to be considered as a close friend and to be a part of this experience.

Wish you all a good night!

– Hugs x heart – 

I’m bored right now

I’m bored right now

HAHA I’m literally in my bed and laughing my butt off watching YouTube and most things are not even that  funny, ok maybe some parts. I was just watching Smosh’s second channel were they are rapping freestyle and some part were hilarious. I was reading the comments and I don’t know if it’s a thing now but whenever a person asks: What song was playing ? The majority of people answer: Darude – Sandstorm. Is it like the new Rick’rolled? I have seen that in many videos. Those answers made me cry of laughter, yes it’s silly”

I don’t know why that made me laugh so much, I guess when you are too hyper/tired the brain does strange things haha. I have REALLY strange humor most of the time and when I watch something again it’s not that funny haha!

Sorry that this post is silly… maybe time for some sleep!

Good night ❤

– Hugs x heart –

Dear fangirl, wake up! Time for a reality check!

Dear fangirl, wake up! Time for a reality check!

I was checking out Twitter and came across this tweet that a celebrity responded to a girl who obviously was a huge fan. She wrote that she was sad that she didn’t get that celebrity selfie with him and he replied that security rushed him to not take pictures. Any who I just checked her account and I’m not joking she was this really attached fangirl and she was present of every concert that he had and she posted many selfies with him. Haha first thing I was thinking was: Stalker much? Almost all her twitter and Instagram account was her tagging and writing to him with photos and tweets.

I mean don’t get me wrong of course you can have a person that you admire or “love”,  it can be a football player, Politian, singer, actress, model, youtuber, DJ etc. but why get to that obsessive point? Sure many celebrities are kind enough to take photos with fans because without them they would not be famous but when something goes to an extreme, it’s just odd and creepy for me! This girl had all her friends to write to the celebrity: She is your biggest fan, she is outside your hotel can you go down and meet her to take a picture or the funniest thing I read was her writing: OMG! I can’t believe he stopped to take a picture with me, he didn’t do that to anyone else, he smiled at me… I mean does she seriously think that he is going to fall in love with her or hook up with her? Wow! Wake up and get some reality check girl!

Image (source)

Celebrities mostly don’t care that much about “knowing” their fans, for them its new faces every day in every country/city and yes many can find someone in the crowd that is interesting but they just wave to them or something but that’s it. I mean how many times have you heard that a celebrity dates a fan? I have not heard anyone do that. I mean look at the young kids who are Belibers or Directioners, they truly think that they are going to marry Justin Bieber or Harry Styles. They cry, they scream and think they will get noticed. A week later they read that Justin Bieber is dating a hooker, then these girls get their heartbroken. When a grown up obsesses over a celebrity many are often considered as a gold digger or just a stalker. How much do they know about these people? In media these celebrities can be the most charming person but no one is perfect and they all have flaws. I have never been a girl who stayed outside an artists hotel or waited to meet them backstage or say: He looked at me OMG! That’s just silly to me!

Anyways that was a bit different topic but what do you think?

– Hugs x heart – 

Moder of chocolate

Moder of chocolate

Haha another bad GoT reference !

Today at work I got a pack of Kinder egg, for those who don’t know what it is, well it’s chocolate egg with a toy inside. It’s a real childhood thing for me.

A male colleague was like: Here, I bought this for you! while he tossed the pack on my desk

I was like: What? Why?

He answered: I promised you and it’s something that you like 🙂


This small cute gesture really made my day and I had to give him a hug and thank him. It was totally sweet thing that someone have done in a while. I know what you’re thinking, no he is not into me, first of all has a 10 year older girlfriend and they have a kid + one to come and I just think he is a nice kid. So don’t get any hopes up haha but I’m just kind to my colleagues and this guy is really funny, we have same humor and like to prank people. My work is full of guys almost 90% and most of them are 90’s kids (many of them are immature), and my other girl colleague think that many has a tiny crush on me even though many of them have girlfriend. I just laugh and say that I’m being friendly and my humor is very guyish so they have it easy to talk to me.

Well back to the story, I laughed at the Kinder pack because several months ago this male colleague did a prank on me and I was like if you want me to forgive you then you have to buy a Kinder egg. The next day he bought one egg and I “forgave” him and we builded alliances to prank others. Then like two months ago he came to my desk and handed me a bunch of papers 15 minutes before I was heading home.

I looked at him and said: What is that? 

He answered: Can you please feed them in the system, my phone’s battery was dead so I couldn’t call

I just gave the “are-you-kidding-me-stare” and said: You owe me BIG time!

Then before my vacation he got transferred to a town two hours from the head office, so today he helped his colleagues here with work and saw that I was back from my vacation. The thing that I was most surprised at was that he spent like 4$ on the Kinder pack and the thing is tha he is very tight about his money. The guy barely eat any food and spend money on booze and games, so instead of buying one egg that costs like around 1-2$ I got the big pack haha!

So yeah, today I was a happy girl because I got chocolate #score haha way to go to start my fitness lifestyle.

-Hugs x heart-

My trip to Barcelona pt 3

My trip to Barcelona pt 3

Ok let’s continue the post about my trip…

Day 4: If you are a huge FC Barcelona fan, then you probably dream of seeing a match in Camp Nou stadium, well we didn’t see any matches nor am I huge fan but it was cool to see a popular football stadium. We didn’t go inside or take the guided tour as many people did but we went to their official store and it were so MANY people there. It was like a candy land for FC Barcelona fans. Later on we went back to Sagrada Familia to buy some souvenirs. I bought a key ring and coffee cup with a plate with the inspiration of Gaudi’s work with mosaics.

IMG_2678Camp Nou


Afterwards we headed to Tibidabo which is a mountain that have the view over Barcelona, first we took the train to Avenida Tibidabo metro station and then the bus to Plaça del Doctor Andreu. To get up to the mountain we chose to take the funicular railway that costed like 7 Euros or something. It was so freaking hot in the rainway but the view of the city as we were going up was worth it. The first thing you saw was this amusement park that was on the mountain but also the church Sagrat Cor. What stuck the most was the amazing view all over the city and we could point the places we have seen. Was it the best view I seen, honestly no but it comes in my top 5 anyways.


wpid-2014-08-18-10.36.11-1.jpg.jpegSagrat Cor



Later in the afternoon when we came back from Tibidabo there was one place we wanted to see and it was Parc Güell which is another architectural creation of Antoni Gaudí. But I have to say that it was not fun walking to the park, because there were no metro station nearby so we had to walk in the hottest day yet for about 20-30 minutes and walk like a gazillion steps up and up to later find out that you have to pay 8 Euro each to see the architectural area (with the famous salamander), it was not worth it for me! Sure I paid to see the Eiffel Tower but a park, nah! So we walked around the guarded area and saw many palm trees it was much fun haha no but I got the exercise for the day. So yeah that was basically what we did that day!

IMG_2846Park Güell

The last days we were at the beach and just relaxed. Over all I have to say that Barcelona is a beautiful city with a soul and it have something for everyone: Shopping, beach, nightlife, nature, famous landmarks etc. Therefore I think Barcelona is a MUST place to see in life at least on the bucket list on places to visit. I can see myself going back some day but I have to be honest for me I fell in love with city of Paris last year and I don’t know, it felt like I had some connection and I surprisingly knew the streets like I’ve been there before. But Barcelona has a taken a place in my heart too because of the life of the city.

Hope you liked this post and I will put a short list on places to see while your future visit in Barcelona in another post soon!

– Hugs x heart –